Episode 3: GRACE Court

Updated: Oct 30

In this Episode, Task Force Talks discusses the Trauma-Informed court model in Miami-Dade County, GRACE Court.

Youth who have been victimized have the highest rates of adverse childhood experiences above the general population, making them particularly vulnerable to re-victimization. Court oftentimes is a place where many youths have experience re-victimization and therefore the youth could, in many cases, lose trust or faith in the judiciary system. Miami Dade County spearheaded a trauma-informed court model, GRACE Court, that focuses on giving the child a voice and empower them to see a brighter future.

A special thank you to our guest speaker, Yinay Ruiz, Miami Cares Project Manger, with Citrus Family Care Network.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force - https://www.sfhumantraffickingtaskforce.org/

GRACE Court - https://www.jud11.flcourts.org/GRACE-Court

Citrus Health - CHANCE Program

Kristi House - Project Gold


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