The SFHTTF is committed to combating human trafficking and aggressively investigates all allegations of exploitation.  SFHTTF recognizes that the nature of trafficking and the commitment to victim-centered investigations requires a multidisciplinary response.  To this end, the SFHTTF personnel conduct outreach, conferences and training across South Florida to law enforcement partners, local Miami-based consular officials, prosecutors, social service providers, and other partners on trafficking indicators, case initiation, human trafficking referrals, victim-centered investigations and immigration relief available to trafficking victims. 

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Public Awareness

Members of the Task Force take part in several outreach and public awareness activities throughout the community, not only educating the public on the topic but also reaching out to those who may be or become victims directly.


The SFHTTF holds regular meeting with its members to discuss latest updates, upcoming events and other pressing topics. These meetings serve as a great tool for collaboration and capacity building in combating human trafficking.

Technical Assistance

Members of the Task Force provide targeted assistance on demand to individuals and organizations about the topic of human trafficking, policies, best practices and other issues.


The SFHTTF develops and conducts training's that cover a wide range of topics in regards to human trafficking. It provides training's for law enforcement personnel, service providers and the community to aid in identifying victims.

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